The creation of « Fugues … en Suites… » comes up in my career as a choreographer in the form of a burning personal necessity, as an urgent need to review the situation, and Bach’s music established itself as an obvious choice.
My project also stems from a strong wish to encourage desire, to develop an idea of escaping and freedom which is serious, uplifting and solemn. These subjects and this performance give the opportunity to reflect on the state of the world while both facing and being part of the audience, with our strengths and weaknesses.
In « De Fugues… en Suites… », Johann-Sebastian Bach’s music invites us to be and to dance in order to connect with the world, in a subtle and smooth way reminiscent of the prodigious composer and his manner of looking at the world, at an era, and at the global human condition.
From « De Fugues… en Suites… » is intended to be a journey into intimity, which echoes the absolute necessity to reconnect with oneself outside of the chaos of the world, away from the endless daily noise of a society which is losing its sense of place.
To reconnect with the very essence of movement, to find its truth while leaving my African and occidental double culture express itself in the most simple way.