Why always always want to look like the other?
Why the reflection of ourselves, constantly sent us back by the society, still and always incite us to look for our second self?
Why do we need so much this frantic race of the world?
The mirror. A self image and its unseenpart. The constant and unchanging combination of reality and our imagination.
The expression of his own reflexion immerses him deep down in his inner self.

«Some dancers close the stage curtain. Others need to look at themselves. Ordinarily, I include myself among those who forget to look in the mirror. That enables me to better internalize the movement. The danced gesture is first a feeling to me».

To change the perception of his image, he reveals some truth and some unforeseeable. The whole body discovers itself and is reflected in the alchemy between time and move. The relationship established between the danced body and the observed body questions the inner life and the «extime». This wish to make visible some aspects of ourselves, previously considered as a matter of intimacy.

creation 2013, november : Théâtre Scène nationale de Narbonne
time : 1 hour


november, 12 & 13 : Narbonne -Le Théâtre
december, 4 & 5  : Le Creusot – L’Arc Scène nationale

january, 16  : Castelnaudary – Théâtre les 3 ponts
january, 19  : Saint-Flour de Mercoire – Théâtre de l’Arentelle
february, 27 & 28  : Décines – Le Toboggan
march, 06  : Côte d’Ivoire – MASA Abidjan
june, 24: Ollioules – CNCDC de Châteauvallon
december, 10  : Burkina Faso – Institut français de Bobo Dioulasso
december, 13  : Burkina Faso – festival Dialogue de corps de Ouagadougou

june, 13  : Gabon – Institut Français de Libreville

choreography & dance by Salia Sanou
music by Takumi Fukushima
scenic design Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy
lighting design Eric Wurtz
costume design Suan Czepczynski
technical director Rémi Combret
production administration Stéphane Maisonneuve

production compagnie Mouvements perpétuels
co-production Le Théâtre-Scène nationale de Narbonne, Centre National de Création et de Diffusion Culturelles de Châteauvallon, Centre de développement chorégraphique La Termitière de Ouagadougou,
financial support Etablissement Public du Parc et de la Grande Halle de la Villette, Institut français de Bobo Dioulasso et de Ouagadougou
funding assistance ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Région Languedoc-Roussillon.


Doubaley – le miroir from Compagnie Salia Sanou on Vimeo.